Longevity Seekers- Salem and Melissa

We are passionate about health, wellness and in particular, longevity

Living well and long

This joint passion has culminated in The Longevity Lab, wherein we are focused on sharing with you the tools and lifestyle choices discovered in our worldwide quest to live well with a focus on healthspan and lifespan by slowing down the rate of biological aging and in certain circumstances, reversing the clock. 

The learnings from within the lab are expressions of our continual shared journey for longevity, that blossomed out of love. Because we met and discovered true love in our 50s we want to enjoy at least 50 more years together. From our research we have found various protocols, supplements and lifestyle changes that have benefited us, enabling us to thrive whilst cherishing our time together. Truly feeling more energetic, healthier & younger.

We have combined our interests in wellness, education and storytelling with research into longevity, reading countless articles, devouring podcasts, and books for our own exploration. Some very well know others and lesser so. What an adventure! 

From a place of immense gratitude and not wishing to waste a moment of life we wish to share the findings that are helping us live well, a vast array of information condensed into a user friendly format. Sharing this adventure with you. 

The lifestyle choices, secrets from stories people have shared with us, we have chosen may benefit you and your family. Of course, seek advice from your doctor or healthcare professional before making changes, take what resonates with you. 

Live well & long – together in love

Salem & Melissa Domiati ♥️L

A Tibetan proverb that we love translates to something like,

“The secret to living well and longer is: 

eat half, walk double, laugh triple and love without measure.”

Longevity Seekers in Australia- Salem and Melissa

Salem Domiati

Salem Domiati is a health professional with extensive industry experience, having established and then led numerous professional enterprises including a GP clinic, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Industrial Health, Exercise Physiology, Chiropractic and Massage for more than 25 years. He has an honours degree in Physiotherapy together with post graduate qualifications in Sports Science. He is also a qualified Yoga teacher and practitioner. Salem has successfully coached numerous individuals to maximise both their health and the health of their businesses.

Melissa Domiati

Melissa Domiati is an educator, poet and writer, passionate about enabling people to find their unique voice and purpose, whilst maintaining a healthy life balance. Her diverse professional life began in Chartered Accountancy, wherein she enjoyed words more than numbers, to then enter the field of education and international relations for more than 20 years. Meditation and mindfulness have been an important part of her journey. Melissa is currently writing a collection of inspirational longevity stories of healthy people over 90 from interviews across the globe and a poetry collection for cultivating calm. She holds degrees in Commerce, Arts and Education. 

Salem and Melissa are addicted to travel and collecting wisdom from the people they encounter around the world, having both travelled to more than 50 countries each. They are dedicated to continuing their adventures and sharing their learnings with others. 

Clemency Nicolson

Accredited Practising Dietitian(APD)

Clemency Nicolson has worked as a Dietitian for over thirty years after completing a BSc(Physiology and Biochemistry majors) and a Graduate Diploma in Dietetics . Her work has been in a range of health settings including private practice, public health, and teaching nutrition.

Clemency has had a long-term interest in living well across the decades and longevity with the majority of her work now being with individuals aiming to better manage their health. She supports them with practical, manageable food focussed change within their lives that can allow significant health improvement. Long term changes that work will be those most suited to their particular circumstances that address specific barriers to change.

Clemency’s hobbies include snorkelling (in summer), walks with her dog, spending time with family and eating/making simple to prepare, delicious foods that have a side effect of improving health.

She looks forward to meeting you if this sounds like something your health could benefit from, you could be surprised at how achievable this is!

Clemency Nicolson- Longevity Seekers