We measure your biological age according to key longevity markers found in blood tests and physical assessments.

‘Biological age’ refers to your functional state or physiological condition relative to your chronological age. It is a measure of how well you’re ageing, taking into account various biomarkers and physiological factors that can influence the ageing process.

The concept of biological age recognises that individuals of the same chronological age (the number of years since birth) can vary significantly in their overall health, physical function, and susceptibility to age-related diseases. While some people may appear and function as though they are younger than their chronological age, others may exhibit signs of premature ageing and declining health.


Biological age is determined by assessing various biomarkers and parameters that are known to change with age, such as:
Armed with this information, we can guide you to interventions to promote healthy ageing so that you can achieve your longevity goals.
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