Presentations and Workshops

Discover How to Grow Younger as You Get Older with Longevity Workshops
Our workshops help you discover how to live life to the fullest as you grow into the later years of life.
Your genes don’t determine your destiny — your lifestyle does! Imagine a future self who is optimistic, energetic, full of life and energy, motivated, mentally sharp and physically strong. All this is 100% possible. And we’ll show you how.
What are Longevity Workshops?
Salem and Melissa Domiati, founders of The Longevity Lab, guide you through a unique (and powerful) process to help you uncover your longevity goals so you can discover your ideal future life.

Drawing from extensive experience in healthcare and a genuine shared desire to help others live better, longer lives, they help you understand how to take small, actionable steps to reverse the ageing process.

After interviewing healthy people over 90 years across the globe, extensive research and implementing various protocols and lifestyle changes on themselves, Salem & Melissa have reduced their own biologicalages and will help you to do the same.

We’ll help you cut through the noise of the various longevity protocols you’ve heard in the media. Clarify your own path, step forward in the direction you choose by learning and applying proven bio hacks and lifestyle modifications unique to you.
Live the end game your way!
What Will You Learn in a Longevity Workshop?
The Longevity Lab’s workshops were born in Australia from a unique venture that combines passion, science and a genuine desire to help people live better for longer. Salem and Melissa’s business, personal journey and their dedication to sharing their knowledge make them valuable in the field of longevity. They will help you take the first transformational steps to get younger on the inside.

At The Longevity Lab we conduct customised presentations and workshops tailored to suit your organisational needs. These range from small informal talks (with Q & A), to keynote presentations, in depth transformational workshops and corporate retreats. 

Come along and share with us in information packed, inspirational, reflective and practical sessions of connection with other like minded longevity seekers at one of our in house public information workshops held in our city clinic above the Perth train station.

The Art and Science of Longevity

This interactive workshop is designed to help you improve your Healthspan and possibly your Lifespan. Unlock your potential in life and business.

Please contact us at The Longevity Lab to arrange a customised workshop for your organisation or business. 

There is no better time than now to implement life improving strategies to help you slow down the rate of ageing – to stay as young on the inside as possible while technology advances in this fast changing field and share it with those around you!

– Optimise your energy: Achieve more with less effort, as you optimise your sleep, improve your energy production organs, balance your hormones and create healthy routines.

– Boost the team energy and morale: Help your team or organisation to support each other live and apply positive longevity hacks together.

– Game-Changing and Actionable tools: Understand how simple things that you can start on the same day of the workshop can dramatically alter the trajectory of your life.

– Improve your Health and Longevity: Learn practical strategies for personal and organisational health, promoting longevity and performance to delay retirement.

– Retain key staff: Healthy high performing staff as less likely to retire from physical and mental health issues and off course have less sick days and less likely to suffer from preventable diseases.

Salem Domiati

Salem Domiati is a health professional with extensive industry experience, having established and then led numerous professional enterprises including  a GP clinic, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Industrial Health, Exercise Physiology, Chiropractic and Massage for more than 25 years. He has an honours degree in Physiotherapy together with post graduate qualifications in Sports Science. He is also a qualified Yoga teacher and practitioner. Salem has successfully coached numerous individuals to maximise both their health and the health of their businesses.

Melissa Domiati

Melissa Domiati is an educator, researcher, poet and writer, passionate about enabling people to find their unique voice and purpose, whilst maintaining a healthy life balance. She has a diverse professional life beginning in Chartered Accountancy, where she enjoyed conducting Train The Trainer workshops more than numbers, to then enter the field of education, with a focus on International relations connecting educational organisations across the globe for more than 20 years. She incorporates meditation, mindfulness and creative expression into her work. She is currently writing a collection of inspirational longevity stories of healthy people over 90 from interviews across the globe. She holds degrees in Commerce, Arts and Education. 

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